Configuration files

Starting from Thug v5.5, configuration files are not automatically created during the installation procedure. The default configuration files folder thug/conf is included in the Thug package. If you don’t need to change the default configuration files no further action is required on your side.

If you need to modify the default configuration you have to take care of creating a configuration folder, recursively copying the content of the folder thug/conf into such folder and modifying the configuration files as you need.

Two options are available for the configuration folder. If you want to create a configuration to be used just by a single user use the following folders (folder naming is compliant with appdirs)

Linux    /home/<user>/.config/thug
MacOS X  /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/thug

If you want to create a global configuration use the folder /etc/thug/ instead.

Be aware that Thug attempts to use the folder /etc/thug/ at first. If such attempt fails, Thug reverts to the current user configuration folder. If the current user configuration folder does not exist, Thug reverts to the default configuration files included in the package.

Be aware that the installation procedure does not overwrite neither the user configuration folder nor the global configuration folder so a Thug reinstall/update will not overwrite your configuration files, if any.

HoneyAgent (optional)

HoneyAgent is a Java agent library that creates a sandbox for Java applications and applets. It uses the JVMTI as well as the JNI to intercept class loading and function calls.

During runtime HoneyAgent traces function calls performed by the analyzed application. It shows which class calls which function with which parameters. Reflected function calls are translated to the original function names for simpler reading.

HoneyAgent provides simple means to hook individual Java functions e.g. to provide fake values to the analyzed application. These hooks are caller sensitive, so that default JRE classes can still function properly. The process of class loading is also intercepted to identify invalid bytecode and optionally make changes to get the class running within the observed environment.

To sandbox the application, file accesses are redirected to a jailed environment. Furthermore, Java properties as well as environment variables are faked due to according Java function hooks.

HoneyAgent source code can be downloaded at

It is HIGHLY suggested to run HoneyAgent in a dedicated VM because there exists the possibility a sample could circumvent the sandbox and compromise the machine. In such case please consider that a OVA is available (and already configured) at

Login : thug Password: thug

In order to configure Thug to submit applets for analysis to HoneyAgent edit the configuration file thug.conf as shown later.


Please note that if the file thug.conf does not exists Thug will assume you do not want to submit applets to HoneyAgent. Alternatively you can disable the HoneyAgent support through command line even if the file thug.conf exists (option -N or –no-honeyagent).

This configuration instructs Thug to send the applet to analyze to the server whose IP address is (please verify your network configuration and modify it accordingly) listening on port 8000/tcp.

In order to enable this service run this commands on the HoneyAgent machine

thug@honeyagent:~$ cd honeyagent/HoneyDaemon/
thug@honeyagent:~/honeyagent/HoneyDaemon$ python run.ini
HoneyAgent daemon running on port 8000

After the service is enabled and properly configured you should be able to automatically analyze applets like shown later.

buffer@rigel ~ $ thug
[2014-07-07 23:50:53] [window open redirection] about:blank ->
[2014-07-07 23:50:53] [HTTP Redirection (Status: 302)] Content-Location: --> Location:
[2014-07-07 23:50:53] [HTTP] URL: (Status: 200, Referrer: None)
[2014-07-07 23:50:53] [HTTP] URL: (Content-type: text/html, MD5: 514658fc397a7f227bd0d3e11b22c428)
[2014-07-07 23:50:53] <applet archive="qqNqSoke.jar" code="BTrJ.class" height="1" width="1"></applet>
[2014-07-07 23:50:53] [Navigator URL Translation] qqNqSoke.jar -->
[2014-07-07 23:50:53] [applet redirection] ->
[2014-07-07 23:50:53] [HTTP] URL: (Status: 200, Referrer:
[2014-07-07 23:50:53] [HTTP] URL: (Content-type: application/octet-stream, MD5: 1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa)
[2014-07-07 23:50:56] [HoneyAgent][1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa] Sample submitted
[2014-07-07 23:50:57] [HoneyAgent][1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa] Dropped sample uAzpYJRZ.exe
[2014-07-07 23:50:57] [HoneyAgent][1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa] Dropped sample IixfXAb.class
[2014-07-07 23:50:57] [HoneyAgent][1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa] Dropped sample ArIBNUkvAi.dat
[2014-07-07 23:50:57] [HoneyAgent][1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa] Yara heuristics rule CreatesNewProcess match
[2014-07-07 23:50:57] [HoneyAgent][1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa] Yara heuristics rule WritesMZFile match
[2014-07-07 23:50:57] [HoneyAgent][1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa] Yara heuristics rule WritesExeFile match
[2014-07-07 23:50:57] [HoneyAgent][1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa] Yara heuristics rule LocalFileAccess match
[2014-07-07 23:50:57] [HoneyAgent][1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa] Yara heuristics rule RestrictedPropertyAccess match
[2014-07-07 23:50:57] Saving log analysis at /tmp/thug/logs/97ae3a4c476f3efab64b70b26b0f7b57/20140707235053

buffer@rigel ~ $ cd /tmp/thug/logs/97ae3a4c476f3efab64b70b26b0f7b57/20140707235053/analysis/honeyagent/
buffer@rigel /tmp/thug/logs/97ae3a4c476f3efab64b70b26b0f7b57/20140707235053/analysis/honeyagent $ ls -lhR
total 668K
-rw-r--r-- 1 buffer buffer 665K Jul  7 23:50 1b3354f594522ff32791c278f50f2efa.json
drwxr-xr-x 2 buffer buffer   66 Jul  7 23:50 dropped

total 92K
-rw-r--r-- 1 buffer buffer  110 Jul  7 23:50 ArIBNUkvAi.dat
-rw-r--r-- 1 buffer buffer 9.2K Jul  7 23:50 IixfXAb.class
-rw-r--r-- 1 buffer buffer  73K Jul  7 23:50 uAzpYJRZ.exe

buffer@rigel /tmp/thug/logs/97ae3a4c476f3efab64b70b26b0f7b57/20140707235053/analysis/honeyagent $ cd dropped/
buffer@rigel /tmp/thug/logs/97ae3a4c476f3efab64b70b26b0f7b57/20140707235053/analysis/honeyagent/dropped $ file *
ArIBNUkvAi.dat: ASCII text
IixfXAb.class:  compiled Java class data, version 45.3
uAzpYJRZ.exe:   PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows